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We exist because we have a genuine passion for the trading and risk management sector, not just being a growth partner but also becoming an integral strategic advisor for your future success.

A boutique business with ethics as the cornerstone of everything we do.

Our Story
Of candidates placed still employed after 18 months.
Of candidates still employed after 3 years.
Average of profitable candidates placed
What our clients say

Without the help and guidance of Executive Search Partners, we would not have been able to have grown like we have over the last few years.

They are so much more than a search agency, they are a true strategic partner who always have your best interests in mind

Sectors We Cover

To be true specialists we go deep and narrow, not wide and shallow.

Energy Trading

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Quantitative Trading

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For over 20 years our team have been developing a culture of excellence.

The authority in the sectors we cover, we cannot wait to meet you to provide you with the talent you need to make an impact.

Michael Hubley
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Kenny Greer
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Nicolas Cambi
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Our Core Values

Honesty & Integrity

Before we are business. Before we are a growth partner. Before we are recruitment agency. We are people.

Growth Partners

Being able to add value in an industry that changes at a rapid pace is tough. Our deep understanding of the market's future proofs your continued success with the talent you need for growth.

Not afraid of NO

Saying no is tough. To our clients and to our candidates. We are courageous and brave to let you know the truth, even when it means not making the placement. Why? Because we care.

Network of Excellence

Giving you access to a network of excellence that has been cultivated for decades. Simply put, our talent networks make an impact with our partners year after year.

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