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Kenny Greer

FTR Power Trader and work to independently develop FTR trading portfolios for monthly and annual auctions. You’ll also work to ensure compliance with collateral requirements, regulatory requirements and internal risk limits.


  • a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as Mathematics, Economics, or related quantitative disciple
  • a proven track record of success
  •  prior experience as either an FTR trader or FTR analyst
  • experience with databases, power flow models and programming
  • an understanding of both fundamental and quantitative methods in portfolio development.
  • Trading FTRs and Virtuals in ISO auctions and daily virtuals markets
  • Research and modelling of electricity market supply, demand and grid congestion fundamentals for daily trading and to assess longer-term trends
  • Maintaining, executing and calibrating power flow optimization models 
  • Working with a team to implement systematic congestion analysis and valuation using tools such as optimal power flow (OPF) 
  • Performing general quantitative analyses and econometric studies of energy markets 
  • Tracking and analyzing electricity markets, and communicating efficiently regarding market conditions 
  • Data mining and analysis to identify commercial opportunities

Preferred Requirements

• Prior FTR Trading Experience preferred either in a trader role or as a trading analyst

• Masters or PHD in Electrical Engineering, Economics, Math Physics or other quantitative discipline

Proficiency with programming tools such as python, visual basic and SQL or other analysis supporting programming tools is desired